'We are very grateful for the time and effort you invested in this project, and are impressed by your filming and editing skills – the film captures the spirit of that day. We wish you both every success in your next projects.'
Jonathan Hill
Deputy Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Vassiliou
European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, and Youth

‘Discover the architectural heritage of  Florence’
The Tweet of Visit Europe | European Travel Commission | | 30th April 2014

'Beautiful! A very nice video about the city of Florence'
Official Tourism Office in Florence

'Happy May Day and Labour Day! If you're stuck at work this morning, at least you can dream of Florence with this scenic video by intern Cem Bilen at EUROPASS centro studi europeo.' 
Facebook page of the Florentine magazine |  | 1st May 2014

'This video brings back fond memories of Firenze in the spring. If ever your chance comes along, don't miss it! Go see this magical, historically rich, in architectural design and; art abundance, city! I loved living there, you'll love the visit!'
A Comment from Facebook Page of The Florentine Magazine | 1st May 2014

"Your use of video, Facebook and blog is an excellent example of how new media can be used to reach a high number of people in our target group - young people. I was very impressed by the number of people following your Facebook-page, and I think this shows both that people are interested in your project and that there is a great interest in EVS in general. I am, of course, now also following your Facebook page myself and I look forward to see new videos and material there.

Your project very well illustrates that the beneficiaries and users of Youth in Action are the best promoters the programme can have. Thank you for you work and I hope you will continue to spread information and motivate more young people to become involved in volunteering in general and EVS in particular."
Frode Dal Fjeldavli, Programme Manager, European Commission -
Directorate General for Education and Culture

"We find such testimonials are very useful not only to show how the Youth in Action programme work; they are one of the best promotional material."
Maria Podlasek-Ziegler, European Commission - Directorate General for Education and Culture

‘Special thanks to Cem and Engin whom they shared us perfect video about Action 2, European Voluntary Service… We’re sure that you will like it… Congratulations!’
Turkish National Agency

'Excellent, please keep up the good work! '
Emily Barker, British Council

"We would like to see your work and we really think that we can profit from your movie.
it is always nice to see different attitudes toward volunteering."
Sanja Živoder, EVS offficer in Croatian NA

'Thank you for your EVS videos. They are really good pieces of work and we’ll be happy to include them in our promotion and information activities for EVS in the future. I wish you all the best in your future work and looking forward to see your future videos.'
Natasa Zebovec
Slovenian National agency of Youth in Action Programme

'We would like to thank our brand new partners, Cem Bilen and his colleagues, for sharing us their amazing work on European grants, as well as their experiences in this field. Plenty of interesting experiences can be found on this website. Starting today, every week we are going to promote their work and hopefully motivate some of our fellow European citizens to participate in a mobility project.'
The Euxtra Team

‘Thank you, Cem and Engin... You’ve made almost professional video. I believe we should use it as promotional gift for our guests... Now, I'm curious how the next will looks. I'm sure it will be also nice.’
Miran Gorinšek , The Major of Slovenske Konjice

‘I am very happy about it. Video is very strong media and you know now how to handle it. I think they will call you for help (TNA) when you will be back in Turkey...not only your organization but the whole country. There were a lot of volunteers in Slovenia, but nobody has so strong video material.’
Bostjan Kosir – The Director of MC Kotlovnica